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100% Regeneratively Grazed Black Angus

Ecologically sustainable farming

"We regard ourselves as custodians of this land we farm and seek to restore biodiversity, and create a healthy future for the environment and our business"

Sam White - Farm Manager

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Meet the farmer

A sixth generation farmer and farm manager at Sidonia Beef, Sam White is passionate about regenerating landscapes through planned holistic grazing of cattle and sheep.

The 2000-acre family farm is nestled amongst Sidonia’s granite hills just North of Kyneton and has been raising free-grazing prime beef on undulating pastures since 1923.

Visit us at one the various Macedon Ranges events throughout the year, we’d love to meet you!

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Sidonia Beef Boxes
100% Pasture-raised beef
5kg & 
g Organic & Seasonal Beef Boxes

Purchase a seasonal Sidonia Beef Box available at the start of each season throughout the year.


We process and dry age our Black Angus Beef locally to minimise food miles and ensure our beef is a truly locally grown and produced product.


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The herd

We choose to produce premium, high-quality beef from animals that are given the utmost care and freedom to graze on natural pastures. This also allows the land to regenerate and the animals to receive the high level of husbandry they require and deserve.

As seen in

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